Came here for dinner with the fam, but each dinner item was so expensive that after a quick estimate of the total cost, we decided it was wiser to go with the AYCE dinner BBQ option, which is $24.95 PER PERSON. Comes with side dishes, salad, rice, and seaweed soup. You can only choose 2 meat/seafood options at a time – they will not allow you to have more than 2 on your table at one time, which is silly because it’s ridiculously hard to get the staff’s attention to bring more food!

Most of the meats look very similar but I believe it was the short steak that tastes the best – juicy and tender. Also tried their brisket, non-marinated steak, rib eye, pork neck (which tastes just like pork ear), and baby octopus. Would have tried all the menu options, but half of them are so darn spicy – baby octopus included!

You can also choose to have steamed egg, Korean miso stew, soft tofu stew, fried potstickers, and spicy fries (included with the $24.95/person charge). We went with the miso stew but it wasn’t indicated as spicy (just like the baby octopus)! Even though rice is included to help balance the spiciness of the other items, if you order more than one bowl of rice, it’s an extra charge and they don’t tell you – you find out when the bill comes!! Shady.

Food is decent, but costumer service SUCKS. Good luck trying to get any service. [Our waitress even seemed mad at us whenever she actually came to our table¬†because she had to do her job!] It’s all you can eat, but limited by how often the staff decides to help you. Maybe try standing in their way??? Also, water is awful, but parking is plentiful in the large lot. Come during lunch for a better price, but expect to be ignored during most of your time here. I’ll give this place 3 stars just for the food.




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