Oreo Truffles, once again



  • 1 Package Oreos (about 36 Cookies), Finely Crushed
  • 1 Package (8oz) Cream Cheese, Softened
  • 1.5 Packages (16oz) Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, Melted


1. Mix cream cheese and oreo cookie crumbs until well blended.

2. Shape into 1-inch balls, then dip in melted chocolate. Place on waxed paper-covered baking sheet. Drizzle a different colored melted chocolate on top, if desired. For instance, use white chocolate drizzle for milk chocolate truffles.



3. Refrigerate 1 hour or until firm. You can also freeze them, especially to last longer in warmer weather.


This is the most popular treat I’ve made, hands down. Many people have never had a truffle, making them hesitant to try one, but once they do, they won’t stop eating them! It’s decadent. It’s chocolatey. It’s AMAZING.

It might seem like there isn’t enough cream cheese to mix with the oreos, but trust me, there’s enough – you just have to keep blending them together. One of the most effective methods that I’ve found for crushing oreos is to place them all inside a plastic bag (then double up by placing it into another plastic bag – you’ll thank me later because it’ll save you from cleaning up a big mess), then use a hammer and go crazy. Seriously, just go wild with the hammer and smash, smash, smash – like The Hulk! There are a variety of other methods, but this one is pretty fun and effective.

You can also switch it up by dipping the oreo balls into white chocolate instead of semi-sweet chocolate. Then, use milk/dark/semi-sweet chocolate as a drizzle on top. I find it’s easiest and less messy to dip the balls using 2 forks. The number of truffles you can make with this recipe depends on the size of the balls. The smaller you make them, the more truffles you can create – the bigger you make them, the less truffles you can create. I usually make anywhere from 50-70 truffles in one batch. However, the number that gets served is usually less than the number I make because it’s awfully hard to prevent yourself from having a few of these small bites!



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