Buca di Beppo


Chicken Carbonara – Buca di Beppo

Chicken breast, prosciutto, peas and garlic in Alfredo sauce, $32.99 (large). My favorite dish here, by far. Everything just goes really well in this dish. Love it! The only thing is that the thick sauce will make you very full very quickly.


Shrimp Florentine

Garlic shrimp, roma tomatoes and spinach with linguine in garlic butter sauce, $23.99 (small). Tons of small shrimp. This dish is very colorful, and the sauce is light. Must be one of the healthier pasta options.


Macaroni Rosa

Chicken breast, cavatappi pasta, broccoli, mushrooms and peas in rosa sauce, $19.99 (small). The shape of the noodles is fun and unique. Broccoli isn’t overly crunchy, unlike many other places I’ve tried.

Buca is absolutely amazing. My family loves coming here because:

1) They have large portions that are great for sharing. Dishes usually come in either small or large. Each bowl also comes with an absurdly gigantic spoon.

2) The restaurant has a family feel to it. Great place for groups/parties. You can dress casually or formally.


3) Everything on the menu tastes good!

Moreover, if you come on your birthday, not only does the staff sing a very enthusiastic, Buca-themed birthday song for you, but also, you get a free chocolate brownie! It’s great – everyone in the restaurant will know it’s your birthday and will clap along. If you get embarrassed easily, this might not be right for you…Every time I come, there’s a wait. It’s best to make reservations ahead of time. The walls are cluttered with random and amusing pictures and decorative items. The staff is usually very friendly. Only downside in all the times I’ve been here (and other Buca locations) is that parking isn’t so great.


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