Singapore River

Hainan Chicken


Hainan Chicken – Singapore River

This place had recently opened when I visited. I gave it some time (at least a month or two) before checking it out. The first time I came here, I intended to have dinner, but upon seeing that the place was nearly empty (not counting the staff workers) – and it was about 6:30pm), I began to have second thoughts. The menu is also visibly posted on the window, so you can see it from outside. The high prices further deterred me. I went elsewhere.

Still, I returned and gave it another chance. Maybe it was just an off day, I thought. The second time I came here, there were slightly more people. I tried the Hainan Chicken, Seafood Rice, and Spicy Beef with Bell Peppers. The Hainan Chicken comes in a bento box and includes their signature yellow rice (saffron rice?), peanuts, cucumber slices, choy, a ginger sauce, and a bowl of soup. The Seafood Rice is a popular dish here, so I had to try it. It includes both baby corn and regular-sized chunks of corn, julienned bell peppers, mussels, and a semi-thick red sauce over yellow rice in a large wok-like pot. The Spicy Beef with Bell Peppers was a lot spicier than anticipated, mostly from all the black pepper utilized in this dish.

Overall, the taste of each dish is okay, but definitely not worth the prices. The portions are very small (considering the price), and difficult to share. Staff is okay. Place is very clean, but then again, it should be since it just opened not too long ago. Plenty of parking in the lot. If it doesn’t look appealing, you can always opt out and go to a different place in the Ulferts plaza — there are PLENTY to choose from.

Singapore River_Seafood Rice

Seafood Rice

Spicy Beef with Bell Peppers

Spicy Beef with Bell Peppers


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