Tin’s Teapot Bistro

Came here for dim sum after it had recently opened. The food tasted good, and prices are nothing out of the ordinary (in comparison to other dim sum restaurants). Food did not come out as frequently as most dim sum places, and the food that came out did not come in a great variety. You mostly have to indicate your order on the given sheet of paper. Still, it’s a decent place for dim sum.

This place has changed hands several times — it always seems to be replaced by a new restaurant every time I drive by. It used to be West Lake and New West Lake. The staff has also completely changed. Now, they seem to have high school employees — at least 2 don’t speak Chinese. It always surprises me when dim sum is served by a non-Chinese speaker because dishes are typically named in Chinese to customers, even though all you need to do is point to a dish you want.

Limited parking. Accepts credit cards. Staff is nice but don’t seem to communicate with each other. For instance, there were times when we had to repeat our requests quite a few times because our needs were not met within a timely manner.20140705_115243


chow mein


beef rice noodle rolls


bean curd skin rolls


chicken feet20140705_115815

siu mai


steamed spare ribs20140705_120011

chive dumplings


beef balls

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