Katy’s Korner


Vegetarian Omelette with Salsa and Guacamole – Katy’s Korner

Came here for brunch after a weekend morning hike. The place was busy, but luckily, there was a table available, and my friends and I didn’t have to wait. They gave us outdoor seating, which was great because we could enjoy the nice summer weather, but it isn’t patio seating — the tables are along the stretch of pavement separating the parking lot from the neighboring stores. There’s a separate patio-like area, but it was full. The interior of the venue seems cramped, especially noticeable as you make your way to the very back for the single bathroom. They have a random play area for kids in a room across from the bathroom too. Biggest downside of being outside: you’ll often feel neglected due to the lack of attentiveness.

Nonetheless, the food is fantastic. There are many options to choose from, and a lot of them sound delicious. Many customers order the Blintzes with Berries, which looks absolutely amazing, but I really wanted an omelette. I went with the Vegetarian Omelette with salsa and guacamole ($10.50). Comes with toast and potatoes (home fries). The guacamole is a small spoonful, but just like everything else on the plate, it’s fresh! I wasn’t too impressed with the lack of service, but I was definitely satisfied with my hearty meal.


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