Amakara, once again


Chef’s Special – Amakara

 Whenever my friends visit this area, they always see the high number of positive Yelp reviews and want to check this place out, so I’ve been to this place quite a number of times now. This is the only time I’ve actually had a reservation. Even for 2 people, there’s a wait. As usual, I asked Eddie (one of the owners) for one of his specials. He makes awesome sushi, and each time I ask for the Chef’s Special, it’s never the same! He always asks who I came with so he can decide how many pieces to make. He makes enough for each person in the party to sample 2 pieces of each type of sushi (he usually makes 2-3 different types on one plate). I always ask for something that’s not spicy – that’s my only requirement. I’ll occasionally through in the fact that I like sweet. This time, he made one type of deep fried sushi with salmon, a slice of lemon, and sprouts. The other sushi is wrapped with tuna and topped with hamachi, roe, and seaweed. The drizzled sauce beneath the sushi is sweet. Absolutely beautiful. I have yet to be disappointed by his sushi creations. Check them out!




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