Pepper Lunch, once again


#4 – Pepper Lunch

Second time here for dinner. It was so crowded that my group had to wait about 20 minutes, and we were given a menu to begin ordering outside. Tried #4 this time (last time i had #3, which is pretty much the same, except #4 has curry). It’s an absolute must to add fried egg (extra $0.75). Prices have increased since last year (#4 costs $9.50 now), but still as popular as ever. The curry is not overpowering, and it’s not a thick sauce, as you may expect at Thai or Indian restaurants. Instead, it’s a powder (looks like cinnamon) on top of the noodles and corn. I’m always impressed with the presentation. So delicious. So beautiful. So good.


sizzling plate menu


Katsu Curry

My cousin ordered this. The curry comes in an Aladdin lamp-like pouring container, and the food comes in an absurdly large plate, which makes the portion seem very tiny.




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