Thirst Tea


1/2 Taro, 1/2 Hazelnut Milk Tea with Boba – Thirst Tea

Came here relatively late at night, though not quite closing time. No line. Very clean, spacious place (boba places are not usually this spacious). It’s close to SJSU so it’s mostly catered to students, with students as staff. Decent selection, plus you can customize your drink:

Type: milk tea/infused tea
Tea: black/green/no tea
Temperature: iced/warm/hot
Ice level: regular/less ice/no ice
Level of sweetness
Add in: boba/jelly/pudding

I tried 1/2 Taro, 1/2 Hazelnut mixed Milk Tea with boba, as well as Peppermint Milk Tea, and despite not being a big fan of taro, hazelnut, or peppermint, I thought both drinks taste very good. Creamy with the perfect amount of sweetness, each for $3.75 in a tall, narrow cup with a funny smiley face sticking its tongue out.




drink customization options





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