This place is small, but it has all the typical components of a froyo place – a variety of flavors to choose from plus a variety of toppings to choose from. Problem is, the flavors don’t sound all that fantastic. I’ve been there twice, and the flavors don’t seem to change much, if at all. Banana Gelato is supposed to be one of their specials, but it didn’t taste good. I don’t usually go for tart flavors, but since none of the other flavors seemed all that appealing (they either didn’t sound good or were too plain), I went for a couple tart options. You can try a sample of each (there are only about 8 flavors available at a time). At least I can always count on the toppings. They have sno-caps!! Colored mochi, cheesecake bites, white and milk chocolate chips, cereal, gummi candy, assorted fruit, nuts, and more to choose from. The weight adds up quick, and this might be one of the pricier froyo places I’ve been to, so be wary of which toppings you add since some are heavier than others. Friendly staff, plenty of parking in the lot, but not many tables available to eat there (plus, it’d be super awkward because it doesn’t get crowded – it’ll mostly just be you and the staff worker…..).



candy toppings




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