Blue Gingko


SRV Wolf – Blue Gingko

Came here for my going away lunch. This place is located in the center of Blackhawk Plaza, and I highly recommend sitting outside to enjoy the beautiful view of the fountain area (I’m not sure what to call the water area – bigger than a pond, smaller than a lake). It’s a hidden scene to people who merely drive on the outskirts of the plaza.

Blackhawk Plaza

If you’re lucky, you might be visited by a few ducks as well.


I ordered the SRV Wolf – 8 rolls that consist of soft shell crab, tuna, salmon, tobiko for $18. I don’t care for tempura shrimp ends, and it’s not the best sushi I’ve ever had, but I like the alternating fish colors (top layer of each roll) in the presentation, and it tastes pretty good.

On the sushi menu, Tatsu sounds awesome too, but I was deterred by the jalapeños. I’d like to be able to enjoy my sushi, not test how much spiciness I can handle.

Only negative experience was that our waiter was very forgetful and inattentive. The restaurant wasn’t very busy, yet we seemed to be neglected quite a lot.



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