Primavera Ristorante

IMG_7140Salmon Dijon – Primavera Ristorante

I have heard many great things about this place from a friend, so I finally checked it out. It’s got a nice, spacious interior with friendly staff. Parking lot has plenty of spots available. The menu shows the most expensive items first, which can be a bit of shock, but rest assured, there are somewhat more reasonably priced items further down on the menu. Granted, Italian food tends to be expensive, especially for dinner, so the entrees are still pricey. I came here for my going away dinner and had the Salmon Dijon – chopped salmon with linguine & mushrooms in creamy lemon Dijon herb sauce for $18. It was absolutely AMAZING. The salmon is cooked perfectly. The sauce is not too heavy. The lemon and herbs aren’t overpowering, but they definitely enhance the taste of the entire dish. The portion is only enough to feed one person, and it comes in a cool, modern bowl that looks like a papasan chair. 

IMG_7138Shrimp Ravioli

My friend ordered the Shrimp Ravioli in creamy spinach Florentine sauce and a touch of marinara for $18. Comes with about 8 pieces of large, round ravioli. As noted in the menu, the sauce is indeed creamy.

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