Froyo – Yogurtland

Like any other Yogurtland, this place has a ton of flavors and toppings to choose from. For toppings, I went with popping mochi balls, M&Ms, cheesecake bites, chocolate chips, and chocolate wafer rolls. [I’ve never seen chocolate wafer rolls at any other froyo place] In terms of flavors, I had one particular one that tasted disgusting. The blueberry tart tasted just like cough syrup! I couldn’t finish it, or anything it contaminated with its putrid taste. Otherwise, the place is bigger than many of the other Yogurtland locations I’ve visited. There are also a few small tables outside for those who enjoy outdoor seating. Tons of parking available in the lot. It was very busy when I came on a Friday night, but the place was still fairly clean.

This location is great, just avoid the blueberry flavor.


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