The Pit

IMG_7256Sliced – The Pit

This place is located right on the corner of a shabby-looking area, but as soon as you walk in, you’ll notice right away that it’s a fancier, sit-down type of BBQ restaurant. Only street parking available. It’s bigger inside than it looks from the outside, but the lighting is quite dim. Most of the menu items lack a corresponding description to help you decide what to order. Some items are self-explanatory, but others need to be explained by the waiter, especially if it’s your first time here. Considering that this place is known for its BBQ, I felt compelled to order meat (versus a salad, for instance). After browsing through the meat selection, I decided to go with Sliced ($13.99), which is a popular combo that many people order here. For my 2 included sides, I had sweet potato fries and fried okra. I didn’t care for the okra, but the sweet potato fries are good. The meat is also very savory.

IMG_7249Biscuits and Hush Puppies

Best appetizers ever, hands down!! These are FAR better than the typical complimentary sourdough slices of bread. Both are soft on the inside, crispy on the outside. The hush puppies have a nice sweetness to them that makes them incredibly addicting – could be from the fact that they’re deep fried. [Anything that’s deep fried tends to taste 10x better] And the biscuits – wow, what warm, buttery goodness those are! Without being asked, our waiter kindly brought our group a refill after we quickly devoured the goodies. Our eyes all lit up when we saw the second batch being delivered to our table. Just for that act, I’d give 5 stars to our waiter.

IMG_7254Double Combo – Chopped and Brisket

Sides: cabbage collards and mashed potatoes and gravy. Total combo: $18.59. Collards are salty, but mashed potatoes taste good. Out of all the meat I sampled, I like the Chopped and Brisket the most. They’re juicy and have the most flavor. They taste even better with the supplied BBQ sauces.


Sides: Sweet Potato Fries and Fried Okra

IMG_7259Carolina Style Ribs Full Rack

Sides: mac and cheese and Eastern slaw. Total combo: $21.99. Initially, only half a rack was served to our table. Turns out, half rack is enough! The meals at this place make you so full, don’t be surprised if you walk out with leftovers! Eastern slaw tastes like any other coleslaw. Mac and cheese is good, but not the best I’ve ever had. Ribs are so tender, they easily slide off the bone. Dry rub BBQ is SIGNIFICANTLY different from the ribs I’m more familiar with – the ones that are smothered with BBQ sauce on the exterior. Dry rub allows you to enjoy the flavor of the meat – the sauce is absorbed into the meat, rather than simply sitting on top.

IMG_7800Pulled Pork

On my second visit here, I only ordered meat, rather than an entire combo, for $8.29. It was still A LOT of meat, and I was mostly full from the hush puppies and biscuits this time. This dish is very densely packed with pork, but it’s pretty decent.

IMG_7270Front Door


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