Jelly Donut Pancakes – IHOP

3 pancakes covered in powdered sugar, strawberry jelly, and a sugary glaze. This is a special that is not normally on the menu. Quite sweet, but not as sweet and unhealthy as a donut!


Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

2 pancakes with a cinnamon and sugar glaze to match the typical cinnamon roll. Again, not as unhealthy as a real cinnamon roll, but tastes very similar! Also not typically on the menu. Wish it comes with more than 2 pancakes.


Tuscan Scramble with Hash Brown

Nice light scramble with spinach, red bell peppers, Parmesan cheese. Comes with 2 plain pancakes. 

It took a very long time for the food to be prepared and served – slowest I’ve ever experienced at any IHOP, and it was pretty empty at the time I went. Also, they wouldn’t accept an emailed coupon because it wasn’t printed. However, at other IHOP locations I’ve been to, they’ve always accepted it if you show them your coupon on your phone. These people definitely aren’t trying to save the trees. 


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