Light Brown Leghorns with Blueberry Waffle – Dame’s Chicken & Waffles

Four chicken legs, a Classic waffle drizzled w/ Caramel & Cashews, Chocolate Hazelnut Schmear for $13.25. Side: fresh fruit (strawberry, pineapple). Highly recommend this for meat lovers.


Red Crested Rose Comb with Sweet Potato Waffle

Two Chicken legs, a Classic Waffle w/ Candied Pecans and Strawberry Schmear for $10.75. Side: potato salad.


The Carolina Cockerel

Three chicken wings, a Blueberry waffle, Peach & Apricot Schmear for $11.25. Side: triple mac and cheese.

IMG_7760Our Waiter

When asked to take a group photo for us, our waiter decided to take a selfie first. I gotta hand it to him though — the fact that he managed to take a decent selfie on the first try with a giant DSLR is quite impressive!

This place quickly gets very full! Came here right at opening on a WEEKDAY, and it was already full! They send you a text when they’re ready to seat you, allowing you to walk around downtown Durham instead of waiting at this small venue. However, once you receive their text, you have a very short amount of time to return. Otherwise, you will lose your seat.

As mentioned, the interior is small and a bit cramped. There are large glass windows to allow outdoor lighting to enter, but it was an overcast day, so the lighting was poor during my visit. It didn’t affect my experience too much though. The waiter sounded very scripted whenever he talked to our table, but he was very attentive.

There are multiple options for chicken and waffles. You are allowed to substitute the waffles and/or schmears as you please, at no additional cost. The combos listed are suggestions of what goes best together, but you are by no means limited to the items listed. The waiter highly encouraged us NOT to use the provided syrup because they are super proud of their schmears. You’re also allowed one side in addition to the main meal.

Love the waffles, chicken, and schmears! Sides are mediocre. The meals are great portions. Don’t be surprised if you leave with leftovers because they’re quite filling! Check this place out. It’s popular for a reason. It’s an absolute must if you’re in Durham!


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