Parker and Otis


Turkey Mango Chutney Sandwich with Chips – Parker & Otis

The sandwich consists of a layer of bacon, American Cheese, lettuce, and layers upon layers upon layers of turkey (1-1.5″ thick), plus mango chutney and mayonnaise. The turkey layer is so dense, it feels like biting into a brick. Great for people who love turkey, but I’d prefer the layer to be split up, perhaps put half of the turkey between the lettuce and cheese. Bread is thin and almost too tough to eat. It is almost like stale bread, crumbly/flaky and not appetizing. Overall, it’s alright. You get a big mouthful with each bite.

Chips (Zapp’s Potato Chips) are great to munch on. I just don’t know what “regular flavor” means.


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