Mount Fuji

image (3)Winter Wonderland and Star Lover – Mount Fuji

This place is know for their sushi BOGO deal. If you select 2 rolls of different prices, then the cheaper of the 2 is free. Note: this deal only applies for dine-in, not take out.

Winter Wonderland – smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber inside, topped with white tuna and avocado, 8 pieces, $14.95.

Star Lover – tuna, lobster salad, spicy mayonnaise, and avocado, rolled once in seaweed, then rolled again with soy wrap, 8 pieces, $13.95.

I’m going to review the 2 rolls together because my opinion is the same for both. The rolls taste bland, not fresh. Pieces are on the small side. Star Lover doesn’t look like your typical sushi roll. Instead, it’s flat – not a roll at all. It’s different. I’d like my sushi to look like regular sushi, not like it’s been smooshed. It’d be great if the menu showed pictures of all the items, especially if the sushi isn’t going to look like the average sushi.

BOGO deal is nice, but the prices for the sushi rolls are high to begin with. Not worth it. Service is okay. Lighting was dark. This place is located in Brightleaf Square, so your best bet for parking is street parking.


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