image (10)Lunch Special – Nanataco

Lunch special is 11am-3pm. 2 tacos that include lettuce, salsa, rice, choice of beans (I went with black beans), meat (I had chili rubbed pork butt and slow cooked garlic beef), plus choice of soft drink or iced tea. Should have been $7 for the entire meal (it even says so on the giant menu next to the cashier), but I was overcharged, AND I didn’t even upgrade my meat – what gives??! That’s strike one already.

Strike two: It has the fast food ambience, but the food doesn’t come out fast.

The food itself is good. Meat is juicy and tender. Tons of filling. Great portion overall. Unexpectedly comes with guacamole (and no, this shouldn’t be the reason I was overcharged because 1) I didn’t ask for it and 2) my friends didn’t get charged extra for the guac). 

Came here at opening (11am) on a weekday, and a line began to form very quickly. It’s located right next to Q Shack, so if you don’t want to wait, you can always walk over next door. Limited parking. There’s a restaurant called Nana’s located nearby, but these 2 are NOT to be confused. Nana’s is far more fancy and extravagant. You’ll receive quality, pricy food there. Nanataco is similar to Chipotle, except Chipotle is far better, hands down.

image (7)

image (8)


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