Cook Out


Cook Out Tray – Cook Out

Got the late night munchies? Come to Cook Out! It’s open til 4am on most days. PLENTY of options. CHEAP.

Opt for the Cook Out Tray – one entree, 2 sides, and a drink – all for less than $5! I went with a BBQ burger for entree, corn dog and hush puppies as sides, and sweet tea for beverage for only $4.99. I didn’t expect the burger to have coleslaw, nor did I expect it to be slightly spicy, but it was still tasty. Not a huge burger, but not tiny either. You get one corn dog and about 6 hush puppies. The sweet tea (aka sweetened iced tea) is REALLY good! Not only that, but you get a LARGE sized cup.

This place has 2 drive-thru lanes – it’s not even an option to eat inside. Most be a lot of regulars who come here because the lines were fairly short and went by fairly quickly when I was here. I was surprised because the menu has SO many options to choose from! I could imagine many people taking FOREVER to decide what to order, especially when it comes to the milkshake. You absolutely HAVE to get a milkshake! You have the ability to create your own milkshake by choosing from a LONG list of possible ingredients – everything from banana and strawberry to cheesecake and mocha to oreo  and M&Ms – all for only $2.79! For someone who has a major sweet tooth (like me), it can be an incredibly difficult choice to make! Can I just have EVERYTHING??! Wait, that probably won’t taste so great….In the end, I went with mocha, cheesecake, and strawberries. It turned out pretty good!


Sweet Tea (larger size, left) and Milkshake (smaller size, right)20150118_032811

Cook Out Tray Menu


Milkshake options20150118_032933


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