Cosmic Cantina


Steak Nachos – Cosmic Cantina

Came here for late night munchies. Thought I was in the wrong place upon walking into the building because the downstairs portion is totally separate from upstairs, and it wasn’t entirely clear that Cosmic Cantina was up the questionable stairs (each step seemed very old and poor in structure). Downstairs had the weirdest vibe = very out-of-this-world ambience with the neon party lights and funky decor.

Anyway, this place is great for late night cheap food aka after you’ve had a few drinks. Expect a long line around midnight on the weekend. The food is not terrible, but it’s not great either. Plenty of options to choose from. I wanted to try the strange nori rolls (weird to have this option at a Mexican place), but they ran out of seaweed, so I went with the Steak Nachos instead (a little less than $7). The steak was pretty good, but the chips got soggy really quick. The food was prepared slower than I expected, especailly considering this is supposed to be a fast-food place, and the portion wasn’t all that great either (hardly any chips). The place is small and looks run-down, but at least they stay open til 4am.



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