Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant


From what I hear, this is one of the best dim sum spots in the Triangle, if not THEE best. Gets very crowded very quickly on weekends. Parking is very limited, look for street parking (street parking lacks sidewalks so be cautious when you walk to and from the restaurant, depending on where you park). It’s a little strange to me whenever dim sum food is served by non-Chinese staff, especially because the items in the cart/tray are usually named out loud for customers, and the English translations of many Chinese words sound awfully funny. Granted, only a few servers are not Chinese here, but still. Weird.

Food is good. The only dishes that are different than what I’m familiar with are the sticky rice wrapped in leaves (it came as only one square piece, rather than multiple, smaller wraps) and the pork bun (came with only 2 pieces instead of 3). Everything else was prepared in the typical fashion. Some of the items need to be cut into smaller pieces in order to be shared (dim sum, after all, is meant to be a shared group meal). However, they don’t seem to have scissors here, unlike all the other dim sum places I’ve been to. Instead, they tried to use a butter knife. Yes, a butter knife, on Chinese food. Again, weird.


Total came out to be about $15 per person. Pricey, but then again, we ordered A LOT of food. Dim sum is a very visual experience. You have the wonderful privilege of being able to see what you order before you order it. Basically, you order whatever looks appealing. Here are some of the items ordered, though not all are listed because there are far too many to remember.

$2.99 per order

  • Shrimp Dumplings (3 pieces)
  • Siu Mai (4)
  • Spareribs in Black Bean Sauce
  • Fried Shrimp and Vegetable Dumplings (3)
  • Pork and Bamboo Shoot Dumplings (2)
  • Steamed Roasted Pork Bun (2)
  • Spring Rolls (3)

$3.50 per order

  • Chive Dumplings (3)

$3.99 per order

  • Sweet Rice with Chicken (1)
  • Stuffed Crab Claws (3)

Specials for the Weekend

  • Egg Tart (3) – $2.99



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