Pizzeria Toro


Soft Egg, Old N. Durham Oyster Mushrooms, Arugula – Pizzeria Toro

This is possibly the most unique pizza on the menu. I don’t know how pizza chefs come up with such creative inventions. I think they accidentally or randomly put various items together in order to discover new combos. I mean, come on, who puts a soft-boiled egg on a pizza?! I guess the same person who decided to put an egg in ramen…. In any case, it’s a stroke of genius! Add arugula and you’ve got a pizza salad for $15. The question is, does the arugula make it healthy? 


House Prosciutto Cotto, Castelvetrano Olives, Crucolo

My initial thought when I saw this on the menu was that it would be too salty due to the combo of olives and prosciutto. The waiter said the prosciutto is cooked in a way that makes it less salty than usual, as an effort to provide some reassurance. However, my gut was right – it was salty. The meat tastes like salami. The olives are good. Wouldn’t order this again though, not for $17.

The thin-crusted pizzas are amazing. Surprisingly, their iced water is also excellent. I know, it’s strange, who critiques the complimentary water?? Well, I’ve been to restaurants where the tap water is incredibly gross, and it occurred to me that this place serves excellent water. However, the staff doesn’t refill water unless you make a request, and it takes great effort to get their attention sometimes. Otherwise, the staff is friendly. The place has an interesting layout, and you can see the pizzas being placed into the oven. Would definitely recommend this place.




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