Local 22


Daily Mac & Cheese – Local 22

Local 22 is located in a plaza that appears to be in the middle of nowhere and can be confusing to find. Parking is limited and fills up quickly. The restaurant itself is located right on the corner of the plaza. Semi-fancy atmosphere. Once you walk past the bar area, you’ll notice a giant chalkboard that takes up an entire wall, full of the daily specials. One of the daily specials was Mac & Cheese: Ham and Cheddar, $7. Very rich and cheesy, in a good way. Fairly large chunks of ham, considering the portion size. Serving/eating spoon needs to be smaller; it just makes the portion size look even smaller than it already is.


Bull City BBQ Pork Pops

2 small, very tender pieces of pork butt, $8. The meat practically falls off the bone.IMG_8435

Prosciutto Flatbread

Baby arugula, house-made mozzarella, farm tomatoes, pesto, and prosciutto on a flatbread for $15. 4 slices and fresh, but only mediocre in taste.IMG_8436

Hush Puppies of the Day

I was disappointed by these 5 little balls of Pastrami Pepper and Cheddar, $8. They look like baked meatballs, dipped in cheese. Pastrami flavor isn’t too obvious. 

Sweet Potato Waffle Fries [not pictured]

Comes with Choice of Dip (Sriracha Aioli) for $6. Fun to eat, mostly because of their crisscrossed pattern. The thickness is also perfect. Couldn’t really taste the Sriracha in the dip, but it was still good.

Overall, the food is okay, but the portions are small. Granted, my group ordered several small plates to share, but there’s barely anything to share. The flatbread was much smaller than we expected. Upon a quick glance around the room, even the entrees don’t look like much. Not incredibly impressed by this place, especially considering the price of the menu items.


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