This was my first Yelp Elite event in NC. Started with an entire plate of various Irish delights, served cafeteria style. This included samples of their Boxty specialty (shredded potato with flour, milk, egg, bacon, and scallions) with corned beef in whole grain mustard cream sauce/grilled chicken in cream sauce/salmon in cajun dill sauce as spreads, Guinness Beef Stew (braised Cohen Farms beef in Guinness with root vegetables), Seafood Chowder (salmon, cod, clams, mussels, root vegetables, finished with a dill cream), and warm sourdough bread and butter. The boxty is my absolute favorite at this place! It’s like a thick, sticky hash brown pancake, and I liked the salmon spread the most out of the 3 available options. Didn’t care for the beef stew or chowder, they just tasted okay.

We also had the opportunity to sample Pepper Jam and Pumpkin Hummus with amazingly soft, warm pita bread. Can’t say I’m a big fan of these 2 spreads, but then again, maybe I’m just unfamiliar with the taste. Pumpkin hummus was a little better than the pepper jam, however, I’d rather not have either again.

Anyway, what a hearty meal!  Also tried the Raleigh Brew Holiday Bash Ale plus Irish Coffee with Bushmills Whiskey (it resembled hot chocolate, or butterbeer, for all you Harry Potter fans out there). Both were more bitter than I anticipated.

And to complete the meal, Chocolate Chip Pudding was served with chocolate sauce. Again, not spectacular, but it helped to get rid of the nasty aftertaste of the drinks.

Nine Times Around played throughout the entire night. Fun band. Plus there was a cool Yelp backdrop and props to take silly photos – gotta love those! AND to top it off, I unexpectedly won tickets to an event!


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