IMG_8812Beef and Lamb Shawarma – Sitti

Many great restaurants are situated within walking distance of each other in downtown Raleigh. Worst part, however, is finding parking! Originally, I had intended to check out a different restaurant, but since that one was closed, I walked over to Sitti. Not only is it a great venue, but it’s also heated on cold days! The seating arrangement is nicely spaced out, providing an open and inviting atmosphere.


Started off with complimentary pita bread and extra virgin olive oil. The homemade pita bread is warm, fluffy, and amazing! Pair this with the Baba Ghanouj.


Baba Ghanouj

This goes very well with the pita bread. It consists of roasted eggplant, whipped with tahini, garlic, yogurt, and lemon juice, finished with extra virgin olive oil, $6.99. It’s very fresh. You can almost taste each of the ingredients, and yet at the same time, they blend very well together. If you’re sharing the pita with others, it can be difficult to finish the baba ghanouj because the pita also tastes good on its own! Hardly used the extra virgin olive oil for dip. Consider requesting more pita.


Pomegranate Spritzer

I was in need of something warm, but the waiter made me feel rushed to order a drink, so I didn’t really take a good look at the beverages available. Instead, I asked the waiter for recommendations. Unfortunately, he admitted that he was fairly new and had not tried any of the listed drinks. At least he was honest. He essentially suggested every non-alcoholic drink possible. In the end, I opted for the Pomegranate Spritzer, a non-alcoholic cocktail/spirit-free cocktail with pomegranate molasses, honey, freshly squeezed limes, ginger ale, and soda water, served over ice for $3.50. Like I mentioned, I wanted something warm, and this is far from warm! Nonetheless, this iced drink is good, ideal for a summer day. However, despite stirring, most of the pomegranate sank to the bottom. As a result, about 2/3 of the drink tasted like ginger ale, and the bottom 1/3 tasted strongly of pomegranate.


Beef and Lamb Shawarma

This is a great dish for anyone who’s feeling hungry! It comes with thinly sliced, marinated, tender beef and lamb, served with Sitti rice, grilled tomato, sumac onion, and tahini sauce for $10.49. The meat looks dry, but when you bite into it, it’s incredible! Enjoyed the rice as well. I’m not entirely sure what the orange strands are, but they are a great addition! Didn’t care for the grilled tomato. Beautiful colors overall. Good portion.


Sitti Burger

This is not impressive at all. I wouldn’t even call it a “burger,” it’s more like a “sandwich.” The Sitti Burger consists of grilled ground beef, mixed with onion and mint, served in a pita with lettuce, tomato, sumac onion, and laban bi khiar, served with fries for $9.49. There’s only ONE piece of lettuce included, and the pita isn’t even remotely as amazing as the complimentary pita! It’s thinner and more dry. The meat is only okay, a bit on the dry side. Not worth it, don’t order this.


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