Parker and Otis, once again

20141201_122648Tomato Mozzarella, Fruit Salad, and Chocolate Chip Cookie – Parker & Otis

As with my previous experiences with sandwiches from Parker & Otis, this sandwich was dissatisfying. The thick slice of mozzarella is nice, but stacking 2 thick slices on top of one another is a bit too much. The tomato slice looks ridiculously thin compared to the thick layers surrounding it – the abundance of lettuce and mozzarella. The slices of bread look just as thin, and as usual, the bread tastes awful, doesn’t seem fresh at all. Fruit salad is good, but then again, it’s just a collection of various fruits, hard to mess this up. The chocolate chip cookie is huge, but otherwise,  there’s nothing else spectacular about it. I’ve had better chocolate chip cookies, but I like its size. The cookie and fruit are the only items I was able to finish from this meal. The bread ruins the entire sandwich.



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