411 West


Hazelnut Pesto – 411 West

This place is wonderfully decorated on the interior! I came here with a large group for dinner, and we were given a separate area reserved for large parties. There’s a small waterfall and beautifully strung white Christmas lights along trees. Fancy.

Staff is very attentive, almost too attentive. Initially, the waitress came by so often, we had to keep apologizing and asking for a few minutes of extra time to look over the menu. It was as if she literally timed 3 minutes before returning to ask if we were ready to order! I felt like every time I turned around, the waitress was hovering right next to me, trying to help out in some way. Over time, she came around less often, but still often enough to make sure we were doing okay. Maybe she was new?

I went with the Hazelnut Pesto, which consists of angel hair pasta with seasonal vegetables (Roma tomatoes and yellow squash), arugula, mushrooms, and goat cheese, $13. Very colorful = very healthy, right? This dish reminds me of spring/summer. Love the arugula and veggies, but the pasta noodles were a little too chewy/hard for my taste. 


Paired this with a glass of Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling (’13 Columbia, Washington – white peach, apricot, and honeysuckle, $6.75). The interesting name was part of the reason for choosing this wine, can’t quite figure out why it’s called “Kung Fu Girl.” The other reason was because this seems to be the most fruity wine listed on the menu, and fruity is exactly the term I would use to describe it!


Dessert Sample Plate

The Dessert Sample Plate is a great way to try multiple desserts if you’re indecisive about what to order! It includes Crème Brûlée (baked custard with caramelized sugar topping), Millionaire Pie (peanut butter mousse pie on graham cracker crust, glazed with chocolate, served with whipped cream and chocolate sauce), Vanilla Gelato, and Key Lime Pie for $7. However, since I came for my birthday, it was complimentary and completely unexpected! If they typically give this platter for free on birthdays, I’d definitely recommend it for all the dessert lovers out there. They’re miniature, but hey, it’s like having 5 cute, mini birthday cakes! Note: I’m not sure what the 5th sample is, but I like the Millionaire Pie and Crème Brûlée in particular.


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