Mediterranean Deli


Chicken Gyro – Mediterranean Deli

This place is very casual. It’s essentially a large deli/cafeteria with a ton of seating. The great thing about this place is that the ingredients are fresh, and the prices are reasonable. Their homemade pita is an absolutely must! It’s soft and delicious.

Chicken Gyro is served on a pita with lettuce, tomato, peppers, onions, and tzatziki sauce, $6.99. The chicken is tender, peppers aren’t spicy, and overall a great snack/lunch.IMG_9031

Sampler – 4 Items

The Sampler doesn’t provide much to share, but it’s a fantastic option if you can’t decide what you want to order because you want everything you see! However, this option only allows vegetarian items, non-vegetarian options are an additional cost. The most items you can add is 4 items. I went with Curry Apple Orzo, Grape Leaves/Dolmas, Eggplant Squash Stew, Carrot and Walnut Salad, all for $9.75, plus homemade pita is included. Half of the items behind the glass deli windows look like questionable mush, but I assure you, they taste much better than they look! I’ve never had anything remotely similar to Carrot and Walnut Salad (carrots, olive oil mayo, garlic, walnuts, and olive oil), but it’s good! I’d definitely recommend ordering something in addition to the Sampler if you’re going to share, otherwise, you’ll leave hungry.


Chicken Shawarma

The Chicken Shawarma looks like a Hot Pocket, but more doughy. It’s marinated with olive oil, cardamom, garlic and Lebanese spices, served in a pita, $6.99. Soft, but not enough to be a filling meal. Looks very odd to be served with only half a handful of lettuce pieces and 2 slices of tomatoes – either add more, or don’t include these at all because it looks random and skimpy.


Love the flowers included at each table, and yes, they’re real!


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