Lime and Basil

IMG_9046Beef Broth Pho – Lime and Basil

First off, don’t come here with a large group during the busy hours. The tables are small, so unless you have a party of 2, it can take FOREVER to get a seat! I visited this place for lunch as a party of 3, and the wait was so long, we were on the fence about staying. This is one of the best places for pho in the Triangle, and they offer a variety of pho combinations, amongst other Vietnamese dishes. If you choose beef broth, like I did, then you have the option of selecting 3 types of beef cuts for $8, or you can select 4 or more types of beef cuts for just 50 cents more. There’s a list of combos for you to choose from if you’re unsure what to order, or if you’re like me and tend to forget what each of the types of beef cuts refer to. I went with eye round, brisket, and tripe, and it was good! Only one size available, and each bowl comes with cilantro, red onions, and scallions. As usual, the pho also comes with bean sprouts, lime, basil, and jalapeños. Also, the menu states that no MSG is used.

Come here for the pho, that’s what everyone orders. I saw someone with banh mi, and the bread looked absurdly albino. Banh mi is supposed to be a slightly golden color from being lightly toasted, not as white as a polar bear! Highly questionable. They also offer a frequent buyer’s card for people who enjoy bubble tea, but the bubble tea here is the slushie version, not the liquid type.




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