Pho Saigon Garden


#2 Beef Noodle Soup – Pho Saigon Garden

My friends wanted to try this place. Initially, I thought this was the same place I had gone the day before (Pho Saigon). However, this place is actually located in the plaza across the street from Pho Saigon, next to 99 Ranch Market (in fact, I recognized that our waiter was someone who used to (or maybe still works part-time) at 99 Ranch!). Apparently all pho places like to have similar names. This place opened up not long ago, maybe a couple years ago. I was not impressed. I had a small #2 beef noodle soup with combo rare steak, well done flank, brisket, tendon, and tripe for $7.95. The place is clean, but the door kept slamming from the wind every time someone walked in/out. The portion is also skimpy; I hardly had any meat or noodles. I do like the bowl though!

If you’re craving pho, I wouldn’t recommend this place. The taste is fine, but there are plenty of better pho places. Also, I don’t understand the difference between #1 and #2 on the menu, all the ingredients are the exact same except #1 says “special rare steak” and #2 says “combo rare steak.” What on earth makes the steak “special?!” That’s what I want to know. Whatever it is, it makes #1 cost 60 cents more than #2.


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