Soho Cafe, once again


Pan Fried Beef Ho Fun – Soho Cafe

This place is one of the few restaurants in the plaza that stays open late. It can get quite crowded, yet I’ve never had to wait for a seat. The food definitely tasted much better this time, compared to my first visit here – the dishes actually had taste this time!
The Pan Fried Beef Ho Fun is delicious! The noodles are covered with a Chinese vegetable (don’t ask me to translate the name!), beef, and some type of gravy, making the noodles nice and moist. It’s not an overwhelming amount of sauce, but it’s just enough to mix with all the noodles. The entire dish is $9.95.

IMG_9107XO Seafood Pan Fried Noodle

This is a classic Chinese dish. It’s crispy pan fried noodle (you can request thick or thin noodles) with shrimp, mushrooms, carrots, bok choy, fish, and squid, $12.95. I would have liked more shrimp though.

IMG_9108Baked Ox Tongue Rice with Tomato Sauce

Very tender tongue. Tomato sauce is orange, not red. Whatever they put in it, can’t be good for you because it tastes great! Creamy, not too thick, but not runny. The combo goes very well with the rice, all for $9.95. It’s not something that’s typically seen on a Chinese menu. If you like eating tongue, this is the dish for you!


House Special Beef Fried Rice

This dish doesn’t look very special, but don’t let that deceive you! It’s not your ordinary beef with egg and fried rice. There’s a unique flavoring to it that makes it the “house special.” I was surprised when I had my first few bites. The beef is prepared well, and so is the rice.


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