Golden Sand Harbor

I’ve been here multiple times, sometimes for their dim sum, sometimes for their dinner. They seem to be much busier during dim sum, but in either case, there’s likely going to be a wait if you visit on a weekend since these are typically their busiest days.
Most recently, I went for dim sum the day after Christmas. As expected, it was busy around the holidays. There are lots of chairs in the waiting area (which is right in front of the door that lets in cold air/wind every time it’s opened), but honestly, there are never enough chairs because everyone comes with their family, and we all know Asian families can be quite large in number! We ordered numerous dishes, but the ones I remember are the following (BTW here’s an opportunity to learn some Chinese!):
–  (L) Shrimp Dumpling (“ha-gow”)
– (M) Siu Mai
– (M) Steamed Bean Curd Skin Roll w/ Pork and Shrimp (“sheen-jook-geen”)
– (M) Crispy Tofu
– House Special Pan Fried Rice Noodle $12.95
– (M) Steamed Beef Meat Ball
– (M) Sticky Rice and Chicken in Lotus Leaf (“naw-my-guy”)
– (S) Deep Fried Meat Dumpling
-Turnip/Daikon Cake
– Seafood Pan Fried Rice Noodle $12.95
[S = small, M = medium, L = large]
The food is great – that’s why my family comes here so often! The House Special Pan Fried Rice Noodle is most unique to this place and should definitely be tried. Staff is friendly, particularly if you speak their language, but that’s common at most other restaurants. It’s located in a plaza with plenty of spaces in the parking lot.

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