Zachary’s, once again


Half Spinach & Mushroom/Half Barbecue Chicken – Zachary’s

I’ve been to Zachary’s multiple times, but this was the first time I visited the Solano Ave location. It’s a smaller venue than the one on College Ave, but less people seem to frequent this place. In other words, if the location on College is too crowded, as it often is, then this is a good backup!

My group couldn’t decide between 2 pizzas, and we really only wanted to split one pizza because we were planning to munch on other amazing Berkeley food afterward (however, Zachary’s can easily make anyone full after just a couple slices of pizza, speaking of which, the waiter/waitress serves the first slice to everyone!). Turns out, you can split a pizza and have 2-in-1! We opted for a large sized pizza of 2 of the classic favorites – Spinach & Mushroom (spinach, mushrooms, 3 cheeses) and Barbecue Chicken (chicken breast, red onions, cilantro, sweet-smoky barbecue sauce, cheddar and jack cheese, served with Zachary’s pizza sauce). And of course, when you go to Zachary’s, you go for the Stuffed pizza (Chicago-style deep dish pizza)! The BBQ Chicken was my first ever Zachary’s pizza, and it is still my favorite! Love the sauce and the tender chicken. The Spinach and Mushroom is my second favorite, but it’s very cheesy. When you combine 2 of the best options together, it’s just pure awesome!

Staff is friendly and attentive. Parking can be tricky to find, as it is anywhere in Berzerkeley, but this place is on a steep slope/hill, so drive carefully!


[The half with drizzled BBQ sauce is the BBQ Chicken]






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