Watts Grocery


Grits Bowl – Watts Grocery

Grits is very popular in the South, but honestly, I don’t care for it. I enjoy oatmeal and porridge, but I cannot seem to enjoy grits. They all look very similar, but the taste is different, or rather, grits has no taste – at all! Locals rave about shrimp and grits, which I have yet to try, but grits should definitely not be eaten by itself. I’ve given it several chances, but each experience is the same. My mind is simply confused because every time I put a spoonful of grits into my mouth, I taste absolutely nothing! How is that possible even after mixing large chunks of butter into the grits?? What a baffling mystery.

Anyway, one of my friends insisted that I try the grits at Watts Grocery (no, this place is NOT a grocery store). “It’s different” and “it’s AMAZING!”  they said. So with an open mind, I gave it yet another chance. I don’t know how many more chances I’m willing to give it….maybe I’m too hopeful. I ordered the Grits Bowl, which consists of stoneground cheese grits with the choice of 4 toppings: sausage, chilies, chopped bacon, grated cheddar, salsa, avocado, or fried egg, $8. I opted for bacon, cheddar, avocado, and egg. I thoroughly enjoyed the combo, grits included. But do I officially like grits? It’s still up in the air for me. It seems odd to me that so many ingredients need to be combined with grits in order for it to taste good. In other words, the toppings would have been just as great without the grits.

Mimosas are also available during the brunch hour. I sampled the Watts Blood Orange Mimosa, $7. It tasted just as expected.


This place has both normal height tables, as well as high tables for seating. Limited parking is available in the adjacent gravel lot, otherwise, there’s street parking. The staff is very nice/friendly. In fact, at the end of the meal, a waiter came by with churros. Several waiters had served our table, but this waiter was a different one. My group kindly informed him that we didn’t order churros, and upon seeing our disappointed faces when he took them away, he decided to return with a new batch of Southwestern Churros (cinnamon doughnuts with dark chocolate sauce on the side for dipping) to apologize for his honest mistake! Normally, these delicious churros are $5, but it was complimentary for us! It was SO incredibly sweet of him! Now THAT’S how you get customers to return!

IMG_9435Southwestern Churros

20150104_113348Breakfast/Brunch Menu 


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