Cook Out, once again


Milkshake – Cook Out

Came here at about 3-4am. There are so many Cook Out locations!

1. Incredibly long line of aggressive drunk drivers = high potential for car accidents, especially because people will try to cut you in line. umm sorry people, but this is NOT the same as cutting in front of someone at the grocery store – we’re all in cars, it’s far more dangerous. Please be considerate.

2. You’re supposed to be able to add as many milkshake options as you’d like, but the lady taking my order was not having it. She repeated my order, but I assure you, I ordered far more than 4 ingredients! I corrected her, but she refused to repeat my order accurately. I have no idea what ended up being in the milkshake (M&Ms, peanut butter, and I guess chocolate with banana or something along those lines), but it was less than half of what I ordered. What an outrage!


3. On top of that, she started over with a “Welcome to Cook Out….(blah blah blah)” Excuse me, but our group is still here. We haven’t moved. And you got half our orders wrong. Rude.

Nonetheless, the food still tasted good and was cheap, even though it wasn’t quite what I ordered. And any place that stays open so late and tolerates the crazy drunk crowd – props to Cookout!


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