Spinach Empanadas (left) and Tortilla Espanola (right) – KocinA

When I sampled from this food truck, it was situated right outside of Social Gameroom & Tap, which doesn’t serve food, so it received a lot of business. Problem was, only one person was running the truck, meaning that the food would take forever to be ready. Also, since it was the end of the day (about 6-7pm), he had already run out of certain items, namely steak, which I was most looking forward to.

The Spinach Empanada (wheat flour crust turn-overs with chimichurri mayo, pico de gallo, and cheese, 2 for $6) are very popular and taste great. They’re nice and puffy – you get a lot of the stuffing with each bite! The Tortilla Espanola (Spanish egg omelet with fried potatoes and red peppers, 2 pieces for $5) are light and crispy. The Chino Latino Lomo Saltado (Peruvian stir-fry of chicken with onions, tomatoes, peppers, and French fries, served on white rice and topped with Asian slaw, $7) is very difficult to eat without a fork as a result of all the stuffing! It’s a sandwich with a strange variety of ingredients thrown together. There are many Asian fusion places in the Triangle, but I still think that many of the menu combinations I’ve seen are odd, including this lomo saltado with “Asian slaw (which turned out to be kimchi).” I didn’t hate it, but I’m not a fan either. Some things should not be mixed…..


Tortilla Espanola (left) and Chicken Chino Latino Lomo Saltado (right)

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