The Cupcake Bar, once again

20150124_211648This place makes different flavors each day, so this time, one of my friends selected a half dozen box of Devil’s Food, Chocolate Cream Cheese, Coffee Caramel, and Cinnamon Sugar. I sampled the Chocolate Cream Cheese, which is chocolate cake on the bottom and cream cheese frosting on top. For some reason, white sprinkles are included on top of the white frosting, which provides absolutely no contrast for presentation. However, this time, I microwaved the cupcake for a short period of time and what a big difference it made in comparison to the first batch of cupcakes I had from this place! Still not my favorite cupcake in the world, but at least it was soft and moist this time! It tastes like the average chocolate cupcake, but it’s not nearly as sweet as store-bought cupcakes. Maybe I should give the other flavors another try now that I know the secret is to eat them warm.



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