Came here for Bruegger’s anniversary to receive 3 FREE bagels. That’s right – not one, not two, but THREE bagels for FREE!! What other bagel shop does that??! None that I know of! There’s really no catch! All you have to do is sign up, and you’ll get an email to show to the cashier. Just walk in, pick your 3 bagels, show your email to the cashier, and voila! Free breakfast. Now THAT is how you advertise!

Unfortunately, they ran out of Blueberry bagels and didn’t have Chocolate Chip bagels (which I thought is part of the inventory at every bagel shop…..), so I chose 2 Cinnamon Sugar bagels and a Sundried Tomato bagel. Spread is extra, each tub is at least $3, not worth it unless you share a tub. Cinnamon Sugar is very sugary but good, reminds me of a doughnut. Sundried Tomato is absolutely disgusting, don’t get it.

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