Another Broken Egg


The Floridian – Another Broken Egg

I’m not a morning person, but when I was told that the Cinnamon Roll French Toast is AMAZING here, I decided it’d be worth it to wake up early ON A WEEKEND. The things I do for sweets….

My group was seated outdoors, before the crazy, freezing cold weather hit. I had received an email from this place for free Biscuit Beignets and decided to make use of it. It’s a Southern type of pastry that comes with powdered sugar and honey marmalade, normally $4.99 for 8 pieces. I was not impressed. They were dry and lacking in taste. Plus, they were not soft, as I had imagined.


I did, however, enjoy The Floridian, which is an omelette filled with cream cheese and topped with garlic sautéed crabmeat, Monterey Jack, and green onions, $11.99. It’s the first time I’ve had cream cheese with an omelette. It’s also odd to me that the crabmeat, cheese, and green onions sit on top of the omelette, instead of being incorporated into it. Not bad though. It comes with an unappealing English muffin and an excessive amount of country potatoes too.


Saving the best for last, I present the main attraction: Cinnamon Roll French Toast! It’s a thick-sliced cinnamon roll (divided into 3 slices) grilled with French toast batter, layered with cream cheese icing, Bananas Foster sauce, mixed berries, and 3 mountains of whipped cream $10.99. Was it worth getting up early on a weekend? YES. I could order this dish on its own and be a happy camper. The bread is sweet, dense, and a million times better than the bread that’s ordinarily used for French Toast! The sweet, juicy berries are also a wonderful addition, but it’s really unnecessary to have so much whipped cream.


Our waiter was a friendly guy, but he hardly came around to our table. He would take our order, disappear for a long period of time, serve us food, disappear back inside for another decade or so, come back out to check on us when he needed to serve neighboring tables, and then disappear forever again. Customers who sit outside always tend to be neglected because waiters have to go out of their way to check on them, but when customers have to go inside to find the waiter for service, which we almost had to do, then that’s not cool.


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