Thai Cafe

If you’re in Durham and you want Thai food, this is the place to go. Seating arrangement and decor is nice, staff is friendly, and food is delicious.

I had the Panang (Red Curry) with Chicken, which is a red curry mixed with kaffir lime leaves, bell peppers, and basil leaves for $12.95. In terms of spiciness, it is very mild. It is usually my go-to curry because I can’t tolerate super spicy foods. However, I did end up enjoying the Green Curry with Chicken a lot too. It is spicier than Panang, but not unbearable. It includes zucchini, green beans, napa cabbage, and bell peppers in a green curry sauce for $12.95. The flavors blended well together, and the dish looks beautiful. If the spiciness level was decreased a bit, I would probably like this more than the Panang. But then again, it wouldn’t be Green Curry anymore! The Thai Iced Tea ($2.25) is delicious here, not too watery and just the right amount of sweetness. More rice would have been nice to mix with the Green Curry, but with Thai Iced Tea and water at my side, I was able to survive.


Green Curry with Chicken


Panang (Red Curry) with Chicken




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