The Parlour


(Right) Vietnamese Coffee on top, Birthday Cake on bottom in a Waffle Cone

This place was temporarily closed for a period of time, and so, when I heard that they would be included in the Food Truck Rodeo at Durham Central Park, I was stoked! Plenty of people had recommended this place to me, so my expectations were pretty high. However, it may have been too high.

First of all, the line was crazy long, which I expected, but it also happened to be a warm, sunny day. As I’m waiting as patiently as possible in line, all I can think is, “I hope this is worth it,” especially since I had convinced someone to suffer the long wait with me! Eventually, I make it close enough to the front to see the menu options. I was pretty bummed to see a limited list of flavors, and none that particularly piqued my interest. After a few quick samples, I make my decision. I opt for 2 Scoops (Beginner, $3.70) – one scoop of Vietnamese Coffee, and one scoop of Birthday Cake in a waffle cone (additional 75 cents). Vietnamese Coffee has a coffee flavor to it, but it’s subtle. Birthday Cake tastes like a familiar Asian candy that I can’t quite put my finger on – not too sweet, but distinct.

Overall, the ice cream is good, but not spectacular. It’s not worth the price. I love ice cream, but I was not impressed by my experience.


Pricing Menu


Flavors Menu


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