Florentine-inspired Quesadilla


I know what you’re thinking, and you’re absolutely right – this is NOT your average quesadilla. This was originally intended to have less filling, and thus, be more flat than pictured….but I was starving, and decided to make it jumbo-sized!

Quesadillas are great for using up leftovers. Your options for ingredients depend on what and how much leftovers you have, or how hungry you are. If you cut down on the filling, you can easily turn this into a wrap.

Here, I have used salmon as my main protein, over a bed of fresh avocado that I have mashed for easier spreading.  


This was originally Florentine-inspired, so I added a layer of spinach and mushrooms. Of course, you can’t have a quesadilla without cheese, so I opted for provolone. 20150309_181424

Then, I proceeded to fold the tortilla in half, over the mountain of ingredients, and pan-fried it all. I heated everything just enough to add a nice crisp to the tortilla and to melt the cheese over everything. And that’s it! Your awesome meal is now complete.



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