Shiki Sushi


This is the most frequently recommended sushi place in Durham, and like many sushi restaurants in Durham, this one offers the BOGO deal. That’s right, you can buy one sushi roll and get another roll (of equal or lesser value) for FREE! Keep in mind, the rolls are pricey to begin with, so don’t get TOO excited just yet.

Here’s what I sampled:

Hurricane Roll

inside out sushi with blue crab, mango salsa, and tempura crunch; topped with avocado, shrimp, and Thai sweet chili sauce; $15.95

Sumo Roll

tempura nori roll with tuna, yellowtail, salmon, whitefish, spicy mayo, and smelt roe; topped with smelt roe, crab stick, and conch; drizzled with eel sauce; $16.95

Tokyo Sunrise Roll

inside out sushi with California roll; topped with salmon and shiki “sumo” mix of crab, conch, red tobiko, and smelt roe; $16.95

Famous Roll

inside out sushi with eel, egg, smoked salmon, crab, and cream cheese; topped with 3 kinds of roe – flying fish, smelt, and wasabi tobiko; $16.95


Sumo Roll (back), Hurricane Roll (middle left), Tokyo Sunrise Roll (middle right), Famous Roll (front)

Of these 4 rolls (each comes with 8 pieces), my favorite is the Sumo Roll. Sure, it’s probably the least healthy because of the deep fried outer layer, but this outer layer is THE BEST PART!! I love the messy pile of crab on top of the Tokyo Sunrise Roll, but the inside is just a regular California roll. Hurricane Roll was okay as well, nothing too extraordinary about it except for the mango salsa. In the Famous Roll, it’s strange to see egg inside a sushi roll, but it didn’t taste bad.

I also tried the Voodoo Juice (orange, raspberry, and citrus vodkas, orange, pineapple juice with a splash of lime, and grenadine, $8.95), which is very tropical in both taste and appearance. Great for a summer day.


Voodoo Juice


Cocktail Menu

Overall, beautiful rolls, great deal (especially if you’re sharing), and delicious! Random note: the place appears big because of the high ceilings.

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