Jin Jin Gourmet

This place is located in a plaza that looks old and run-down, but don’t let it fool you! They serve decent Chinese Fast food. I did run into the same issue that has been plaguing me at every Chinese fast food restaurant in NC (see previous reviews), but I hope this is the last timeI make the mistake of trying to order Chow Mein. I even told myself not to order it, but because it has been one of my go-to choices growing up (outside of NC, obviously), I accidentally asked for Chow Mein. I was immediately informed that I probably wanted “Lo Mein” instead. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that I should know this by now. Just give me the Lo Mein please.

So I ended up with the Chicken Lo Mein from the Combo Platters menu, which comes with Pork Fried Rice and an Egg Roll for $7.50. Yes, I got both noodles and fried rice – an awesome deal, usually it’s one or the other. I was happy with my noodles, and thankful to have been corrected by the cashier to avoid ordering so-called “noodles” (aka noodle CHIPS) that come as a side with the fried rice.

I also tried the General Tso’s Chicken, also from the Combo Platters list, for $7.75. They give you a TON of chicken! It also includes broccoli, but you clearly get a disproportionately large amount of chicken compared to the veggies. No complaints here!


Top: Chicken Lo Mein Combo; Bottom: General Tso’s Chicken Combo


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