Pizza Hut

Hadn’t had pizza in a long time, so decided on some good ol’ Pizza Hut. Also happened to recently receive coupons via mail, which helped with decision-making. Went with the $19.99 deal for a Large Specialty Pizza plus a Large 1-Topping Pizza, 8 slices each. Since we are in a technologically advanced age, I ordered online via their app, and my order was ready for pick-up in 14 minutes.

Ordered the Hand Tossed Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza with Ranch sprinkled onto the crust edge. It comes with Grilled Chicken, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Red Onions, and of course, BBQ sauce. Overall, pretty good. Nothing spectacular, but decent enough to satisfy my craving.


Hand Tossed Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza

For the 1-Topping Pizza, I ordered Sausage on an Original Pan Pizza, which is a thick crust. Also requested Classic Marinara for the sauce and Garlic Buttery Blend with Italian herbs for the edge of the crust. I absolutely love the fluffiness of this crust! It’s soft and chewy. It’s like eating pillows of bread. I should have ordered Original for the BBQ Chicken. I recommend ordering this for all types of pizza!


Sausage on an Original Pan Pizza

Since this was my first time subscribing to Pizza Hut, I received a coupon for FREE Cheese Sticks! I went with the Favorite Flavor Sticks, which are normally $4.29. They are bread sticks (5 pieces) with the Garlic Buttery Blend, Grated Parmesan, and Italian Herbs. Comes with Marinara Sauce on the side. The sticks were okay. I wasn’t too impressed with them, should have tried different bread sticks.


Cheese Sticks

Overall, a good experience. I just wish the pizzas were bigger! The Large seemed barely larger than a Medium sized pizza. I am glad that the pizzas are not super greasy though.


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