Cracker Barrel


If you’ve seen one Cracker Barrel, you’ve basically seen them all. The adjacent store is still always interesting to explore no matter which location you’re at. Their stores always have such a large and random variety of items across the ages.

For breakfast, I had the Eggs-in-a-Basket ($7.49), which includes 2 slices of Sourdough bread with an egg in the middle of each slice and is served with sausage or bacon and fried apples or hash brown casserole. I decided to go with sausage and hash brown. It still takes some getting used to for me to see sausage in the form of a patty rather than a link, and it tastes different too. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my meal. I think it’s a fun idea to incorporate an egg into the center of the bread. The hash brown casserole was great. Overall, a good experience, except the customer service was lacking this day. I had several different servers throughout the course of the meal, and it took longer than usual (compared to my other experiences at Cracker Barrel) for my order to be taken and food to be served.






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