E Tae Won Express


Came here for a late lunch on a weekday to satisfy a Korean food craving. You can either order from their regular menu or eat at the buffet during lunch hour, which is at 11am-2pm.

On Mondays-Thursdays, the buffet is $10.89 ($12.69 to include soda). Fridays, it’s $13.09 ($14.89 with soda). Saturdays, it’s $14.16 ($15.96 with soda). I arrived a little after 1pm, and as a result, the food was no longer fresh. They have a limited selection that includes basics like Japchae, Gimbap, Fried Rice, Egg Drop Soup, Bean Sprouts, Bulgogi, Kimchi appetizers, and fruit.  However, my food was cold. Tasty (except for the fried rice – didn’t care for that), but cold (even the soups were lukewarm). I loved the chunkiness of the ribbons of eggs in the Egg Drop Soup. No new food was being brought out to replenish foods that were running low at the buffet bar. I don’t know if they replenish food until a certain time, or if they only make one batch to last the entire lunch period and let it run out. I sure hope it’s not the latter. Their food has potential and probably tastes a lot better when served warm, but the fact is, my food was COLD. Neither the food containers nor the overhead area kept the food warm, at all.


Egg Drop Soup


I also tried Bibimbap ($11.95) from their regular menu. Surprisingly, it came in a stone pot (the menu only indicated one type of Bibimbap and did not mention a stone pot option, but no complaints here!). It had some hot sauce in it, which I’m not used to in my Bibimbap, but otherwise, it was good. Comes with Egg Drop Soup and 3 sides (only THREE!?). I liked this much more than the buffet, mostly because it was served warm, unlike the buffet food. However, the buffet is a great deal in terms of price and, despite being limited, the variety of food available. Now, if only I could eat it warm….


Side note, the waitress seems like a sweet lady. She didn’t do anything that was particularly nice, but when you interact with her, it feels like being with your sweet ol’ grandma.


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