The Big Easy

This place is always listed during Restaurant Week, and I have been meaning to come. When I finally did try this place, it wasn’t during the Restaurant Week special. Bummer.

Came here with a large party and was seated in the back – quite private from the rest of the restaurant. The venue is dark in lighting. Floor was sticky, like walking into a night club where alcoholic drinks have been spilled all over by dozens of drunk people, except this isn’t a night club, it’s dinner. You’d think they could at least mop the floor for dining purposes. Even my chair was getting stuck to the floor when I was trying to adjust it.

Food-wise, there is a great menu selection. All the New Orleans classics are there – Jambalaya, Gumbo, Etouffee. Lots of seafood options. Started with the Stuffed Shrimp (5 shrimp stuffed with crab and fried, served over a creole sauce, with sautéed garlic spinach, $9.75). They look like Stuffed Crab Claws (a Chinese dish) served over salsa. It tasted better than I expected. Despite being indicated as spicy on the menu, it is barely spicy, as I had hoped. They are crispy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside. The sauce (whatever it is) nicely complements the stuffed shrimp. The spinach tastes great, very garlicky.


Stuffed Shrimp

I had to order the Crawfish Etouffe (crawfish sautéed in a butter roux with mixed vegetables and spices, served with rice and cornbread, $14.75). I had just recently watched a 9-year-old girl on Master Chef Junior create a stunning etouffe (pronounced as “et-two-fay”), and when I saw this on the menu, I just HAD to try it! The key feature is the smothering sauce, and this restaurant nailed it! The sauce was thick, creamy, buttery, and absolutely delicious! Goes much better with the cornbread than the rice, but they give you such a small piece of cornbread with the large plate of etouffe!


Crawfish Etouffe

A Taste of Louisiana comes with 3 small bowls (approx 8oz) of Jambalaya, Chicken Gumbo, and Red Beans and Rice plus Fried Shrimp or Gator ($13.75). The portions are disappointingly small. Yes, it’s technically just “a taste,” but it’s an expensive tasting! I like the Red Beans and Rice the best, as simple as that sounds amongst the other samplings.


A Taste of Louisiana

Complimentary Beignets (5 fried hollow pillows of dough dusted with powdered sugar per plate) were given in honor of the birthday member of our party. A great finish to our meal!



Overall, food was great, but pricey. Venue could be much cleaner, bathroom included. Service was lacking, it was easy to be ignored. The waiter wasn’t too sure of the menu. When asked about details of a dish, the waiter was very vague. There was a saxophone Jazz artist playing. Nice musical addition. We made a request for him to play “Happy Birthday” for a friend, and he kindly obliged.

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