Came here for dinner to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday with a party of 7, ended up being a total disappointment.

Strike 1: Lack of communication between staff. When we walked to the front door, a staff member politely opened the door for us. However, as we walked by him to enter into the restaurant, he said that no tables were currently available. He was just in the process of telling us the wait time, when one of the other staff members stated that we could be seated right away. At least check the tables before you turn customers away.

Strike 2: Water did not arrive at the table until after 20 minutes of being seated. PLUS, the “Sweet” Tea was NOT sweet at all. Water and Sweet Tea were requested, but we were left waiting and thirsty. The place was not packed with customers, and water/sweet tea should not take long to bring to the table.


Seafood Delight

Strike 3: My boyfriend, of all people, did not receive his entree until the rest of the table had just about finished their meals! He ordered the Seafood Delight, which is a combination of shrimp, mussels, clams, calamari, and scallops in marinara sauce over linguine for $19.95. I understand that it is a large dish and has a lot of components to it, but if it’s not almost ready, don’t bring out the rest of the table’s meals yet, keep the other dishes heated on warmers in the kitchen. The waitress said it would be about 4 more minutes. It took a lot longer than 4 minutes. It did not take the rest of the table only 4 minutes to finish their meals. We were not speed-eating. We were chatting and enjoying our meals at a decent pace. PLUS, the waitress brought extra bread to the table when we still had plenty of bread, and there was clearly no more space for bread, except in front of my boyfriend, where his actual entree belonged. We were utterly confused. None of us had requested more bread. It was as if the waitress thought it would make things better if she brought more bread instead of the entree. We ended up having to wait on my boyfriend.


Fried Calamari

In terms of the other food, the Fried Calamari ($9.95) was chewy and the skin covering was pale and unappealing. It did not have the nice crisp to it that I was expecting. The Del Boscaiola (Parmesan cream sauce with prosciutto and peas for $11.25) was delicious. I chose Cappellini noodles. I enjoyed the sauce. There were far too many peas, but I didn’t mind. The Seafood Delight should be shared. In terms of portion, it is too much for one person. I do like the shrimp and scallop. However, the presentation is sloppy.


Salad (included with meal)


Del Boscaiola

Strike 4: I asked if they did anything special for birthdays. The waitress said the staff would sing “Happy Birthday” and give us a slice of Tiramisu. Fantastic. Except the staff failed to communicate again. It was supposed to be a surprise for my boyfriend. However, one staff member started approaching us and happily singing “Happy Birthday.” Then, he stopped abruptly when he realized that nobody else was following suit. So much for a surprise. The rest of the staff then awkwardly tried to restart the singing and brought out the Tiramisu. Of course, the Tiramisu didn’t even have a candle on it. Great. Well, at least the Tiramisu tasted great.



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